A Guide to Playing Big Ben Online Slots

If you’re looking for a British themed online slot game to play then you’ve hit the jackpot. This 5 reel and 25 payline game falls under the Aristocrat software umbrella, and offers a standard online slots experience with. The coin size to play this game is 0.01 – 2.00 and the betting range is between 0.01 – 50.00 USD, EUR, GBP. The 25 paylines on this game guarantees an opportunity at winning more, and you can select to play on multiple paylines at the same time. Each coin denomination that you bet will increase the paylines you play on. The biggest win, and jackpot is set at 30 000 credits, with a 2nd highest win of 3 000 credits.

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Empire’s Glory Slots Reviewed in Detail

With 5 reels, and a total of 9 pay lines, the Empire’s Glory slots game offers a number of customizable features for all players. While the game does not offer a progressive jackpot, players can still win up to $500 by placing the maximum bet. This Gladiator themed online slot from Viaden will transport players to the Coliseum where they’ll engage in battle that will hopefully see them emerge victorious. Gorgeous graphics, a soundtrack that perfectly fits the theme and the chance to win big are all part of the Empires Glory slots game. Empire’s Glory Slots Reviewed in DetailContinue reading

The Best Baseball Tips and Online Betting Strategies

Thanks to the fact that there are 162 baseball games played over a regular season, the sample size for pitching; hitting; and team statistics is a big one. This makes the latter far more useful to punters than sports which have smaller sample sizes, and almost all punters who enjoy this sport know that using statistics like ERA and the batting average in order to handicap is very useful. Happily, however, there are other tips that bettors can make use of to increase the amount of returns they are able to make, and these are provided 100% free of charge at many different online sites devoted to the task. The Best Baseball Tips and Online Betting StrategiesContinue reading

A Guide to Playing Online Video Poker Games at Casino Sites

Poker Games

The classic card game of poker has given rise to a number of variations, and in the 1970’s, IGT created a whole new way to enjoy this casino game. Now, online video poker is one of the most popular contemporary casino games on the web and players love the fact that they can enjoy these console style games 24/7.

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Cultivating Good Casino Habits

Many authors across the world have written many books on the habits of various fields of successful people. The Power of Habit, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Mini Habits and Atomic Habits are but a few of these books that have been written. But what about habits that help you to create successful casino habits? Surely with so many opinions on the topic of great habits, there must be some known habits that you can apply to have success at the casino.

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Poker Scandals That Rocked The World

The world is filled with scandal, some more serious that others. We are used to these scandals happening in the world of acting, music and even the royals. These scandals are what drives the tabloids. So when a scandal comes along that does not involve these areas it seems almost more scandalous. This purely because it is so out of the norm that it really draws attention to that field.

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