Jewels and Gems Themed Online Slots

Jewels and Gems Online Slots

Jewels and Gems themed online slots is a themed online slot game developed by Saucify and has become extremely popular in many online casinos.  It is a five reel, fifty payline video slot and the game is based on colourful Jewels and Gems.

Jewels and Gems themed online slots includes many features, such as wild and scatter symbols and a bonus round with free spins and a jackpot.  The jackpot winnings can go as high as six thousand coins.

The animations are shiny and glittery and players will enjoy the simple and colourful designs.  The background music sounds like a disco which plays continuously through the game.  Players will be able to access this game from their computers (PC or Mac) and on their mobile devices, ranging from Apple to Android phones and tablets.

How to Play

Jewels and Gems online themed slots at online casino NZ is an easy game to play and players will enjoy its simplicity.  Players simply need to use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to choose how to play the game.  There is a coin size button and a button to select a bet.  Players can use these buttons to change the coin size, how much they would like to bet and the total wager amount.  The spin button acts as the lever.

Free Spins and Symbols

Jewels and Gems themed online slots offers players more than forty five winning combinations and each of these using different symbols.  The symbols on the reels all relate to the theme of the game and include a sparkling diamond, red ruby, green emerald, purple amethyst and a sapphire.  Also included in the game are playing cards, jack, queen, king and ace.  The wild symbol in Jewels and Gems themed online slots is the sparkling diamond and substitutes for all of the other symbols, except the scatter to create a winning combination.

The scatter symbol is the red ruby and is also a multiplier.  The multiplier adds to the payline wins.  The green emerald is the free spin symbol in this online slot game and will trigger the free spins bonus round.  If players get three or more of the green emerald anywhere on the reels it can activate as many as thirty free spins.

During the free spins round all the free spins are tripled. This bonus feature will award players 10 free spins when three symbols appear on the payline, twenty free spins when four symbols appear and thirty free spins when five symbols appear. This free spins feature can be retriggered during the bonus feature where all wins are tripled.

The sparkling diamond, the wild symbol, triggers the jackpot payout and can go as high as six thousand coins and this jackpot is triggered when five or more of the wild symbols appear on any of the active paylines.

Betting Options

Jewels and Gems themed online slots has a wide betting range and the coins size ranges from between 0.01 to the maximum bet of 0.025.  The maximum wager per spin is two hundred and fifty coins.  The betting range is great for both high rollers who enjoy slot games with a high maximum wager and for those players who do not have a large bankroll to play with.

She’s A Rich Girl

She’s A Rich Girl Slot Is Full of Luxury and Jewels

This IGT slot game tells the story of a rich red haired girl, who lives a life of luxury and opulence. The symbols carry on the theme, including the red haired girl herself, an older man, her pampered Pup, lots of diamonds and cute Pussy Cat wearing a diamond collar, as well as the Rich Girl Logo, with also a variety of typical fruit symbols, like a plum, a lemon, a peach and watermelon, as well as cherries. Purple is the main colour of the reels, and it suits the theme well.

The Rich Girl seems to be the trophy wife of the older man, but both of them are after only one thing, the diamonds. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and the Diamond is the Wild symbol in She’s a Rich Girl, and can replace any of the other coloured Diamonds in the game to form a winning combination. If one or more Diamonds are used to complete a winning combination, all wins are doubled.

The Rich Girl herself is another Wild, and if one or more of this symbol is used in a winning combination, winnings in that sequence are also doubled.  This Wild is the most valuable symbol of all, and five appearing on one win line will win you a jackpot worth a great 10 000 coins. All line wins will pay from left to right, and all line wins are multiplied by the wager per line values. The soundtrack of She’s a Rich Girl is a dance theme from the 90s, and the sound effects include yapping dogs and crowd noises.

Free Spins Bonus Round

The Free Spins round can be activated by finding three or more Bonus Diamonds. These Diamonds only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. If you find one or more of the glittering white Diamonds on the reels you can add another free spin. This bonus feature is played at the same value of the wager per line that triggered the feature, and each time you land the Wild Diamond you will get one more free spin. The Free Spins bonus round will come to an end when you run out of free spins, or when you reach the maximum of one hundred free spins. The Diamond meter will display and track all your free spins count. In She’s a Rich Girl, the reels will become even more valuable during the free spins round. This will give you more frequent payouts.

She’s a Rich Girl has plenty of features and fantastic graphics and smooth animations. You will also see a wide range of betting options and huge jackpots at the online roulette NZ sites. With the five reels, this slots game has a simple nine pay line format, but a wide coin value range. As a result She’s a Rich Girl will suit both low and high limit slots players.

Scatter Wins with Coloured Diamonds

The Yellow, Green and Purple Diamonds are the Scatter symbols in She’s a Rich Girl, and any three appearing on the reels will pay three times your original stake, any four appearing will pay out ten times your stake, while any five Diamonds will pay out twenty five times your initial stake. Only the highest Scatter win will be awarded.

Dragon Emperor Slot Game

Dragon Emperor Slot Game

The Dragon Emperor slot game, created by Aristocrat Games, is most well known for its colourful theme. It features a strong visual style connected to ancient Chinese culture, more specifically the emperors that used to rule at the time.

The graphics may not be as high resolution or detailed as some more modern slot games, but there is no denying that the Dragon Emperor has an infectious charm. The characters depicted seem wise and welcoming, and the more the player interacts with them, the more it seems they are getting a glimpse into an ancient, distinguished period of time. In terms of game play the Dragon Emperor slot game uses a standard five reel play system, but note that it does not allow any adjustment of betting lines.

This may be disappointing for players who prefer a more hands on approach, but will likewise be appealing for those who prefer to simply spin the reels, sit back, and enjoy the ride. The game is available now on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet from a variety of online no deposit microgaming casinos.

Bonus Payouts And Features

The Chinese dragon is an image known the world over, widely regarded to be extremely lucky. The Dragon Emperor slot game, of course, certainly wasn’t going to let this popular imagery go unused. The dragon symbol is the scatter symbol in this game, meaning that it may match with itself, regardless of where it appears on the reels.

Upon being matched, a second screen will open, showing three Chinese dragon symbols. The player must select one of the symbols to reveal the bonus amount. Note that there will be a prize under all three dragon symbols, but one will be larger then the other two, making the game a matter of luck. The second bonus symbol in the Dragon Emperor slot game is the Chinese character on a gold background. This symbol, upon being matched will grant fifteen free spins.

These free spins will play out automatically, with any matches one paid out when the last free spin has completed. Take note that during free spins all wins are multiplied three times, making the situation potentially highly lucrative.

Symbol designs And Payouts

It has already been mentioned that the Dragon Emperor is based in Chinese culture, and the symbol designs are certainly dripping with beautifully designed ancient Chinese themed images. The most valuable symbol in the game is the emperor himself, seen with long white beard and hair. He will pay a huge instant payout if matched the maximum of five times, but a much more modest amount if matched only three times.

The next most valuable symbol is a dragon claw clutching a crystal orb, followed by a golden chest, and a golden talisman. The remaining symbols are the standard jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, which, it must be said, are a bit disappointing, given that the developers were so creative with the other designs. In order to trigger the Dragon Emperor slot game bonus features, look towards the Chinese dragon.

The Miss Kitty Slot Game


The Miss Kitty Slot Game

The Miss Kitty slot game, created by Aristocrat Games, is known for its theme based around an adorable cat character, apparently named Miss Kitty. The pink feline appears frequently in the game, easily recognisable by her enormous eyes, pink fur, and extremely disinterested attitude. She is indeed one of the more lovable characters seen in a slot game, and players will certainly be fond of her in minutes, making the game a success in the visual department. In terms of sound design, however, the game feels a bit lacklustre.

There is a distinct lack of music in the game, and it won’t be long before the player will start to feel as if they have perhaps accidentally switched off the music. This is not he case, however; the game simply has no music of any kind to accompany the beautiful graphics. In the game play department the Miss Kitty slot game consists of five reels and a fifty betting line system, with the lines manually adjustable for maximum strategy. This addition of adjustable betting lines makes the game a more interesting experience then some other modern games at mobile casinos Canada, with a greater level of freedom then can be found in other similar games.

Bonuses Payouts

Miss Kitty herself is the wild symbol in the Miss Kitty slot game, which seems fitting. She may match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence, even if one was not previously possible. For example, Miss Kitty may match with two kings to make a three king payout possible. This makes her an extremely valuable symbol, and the player would be wise to keep an eye on her pink face.

The next symbol the player should look out for is the moon, which acts as a scatter symbol. If matched three times the scatter symbol will grant ten free games, which will payout instantly. During free spins if Miss Kitty appears, she will stick in place for the remainder of the free spins, which guarantees the presence of a wild symbol in all spins that follow. This, of course, makes future matches more likely, and the free spins far more lucrative.

Symbols Payouts And Designs

As one would expect in a game based around a pink cat, the symbol designs are all feline themed and extremely cute. The most valuable symbol in the Miss Kitty slot game is a fish, who seems to be well aware of the fact that cats eat fish, given his worried expression. He will pay out a large amount if matched with himself five times, and a more modest amount if matched only three times.

The next most valuable symbol in the game is the bird, followed by the toy mouse, both of which have medium value. Next on the list is the carton of milk, followed by the ball of yarn.

The remaining symbols are the playing card numbers, including nine, ten jack queen, king and ace, all of which payout only a small amount. If one really wants to rake in the loot in the Miss Kitty slot game, however, they must turn their attention to the two bonus symbols.

Lucky 88 Slot Game

Lucky 88 Slot Game

Lucky 88 is a slot game created by Aristocrat Games. It features a visual style that draws inspiration from popular Chinese culture, which is certainly a good source for creative images. Being as the game is rather dated, however, Lucky 88 is perhaps not as visually striking as other more advanced slot games.

A five reel, twenty five betting line system is used, with the player given complete freedom to raise or lower betting lines as they see fit. This provides a deep strategic experience that is sure to hook both veteran and casual slot players, with many ways offered in which a player may approach the game. There are also a number of bonus features and specials, providing an even deeper play experience that is sure to impress.

The graphics seem a bit lacking in detail, and the audio design is likewise extremely basic, which many may consider to be unacceptable, seeing as other slot games feature extremely impressive interactive soundtracks and high resolution graphics. But audio and graphics are not all a slot game is about, and in terms of game play Lucky 88 delivers a thoroughly enjoyable slot game experience.

A Look At Standard Symbols

The already mentioned Chinese influence is clear to see in the Lucky 88 slot game symbols, with all images reflecting some aspect of the widely recognisable culture. The most valuable symbols in the game, for example, are the white stork and golden lion, both of which provide enormous payouts if matched the maximum of five times, and a decent amount if matched the minimum of three times.

These two symbols are followed by, in terms of payout value, a golden totem, which is likewise a lucrative symbol to match. Next we have the traditional Chinese drum, which is the least valuable picture symbol of this river belle casino site.

The remaining symbols in the game are the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, which are not especially Chinese in designs, but still pleasant enough to look at Let’s urn our attention to the bonus symbols, which are where the big money can be found in the game.

Bonus Symbols In Detail

The image of a wise Chinese emperor is a common one, and in the Lucky 88 game he is a sight that players will be happy to see. The emperor symbol is a wild symbol, and will match with any other symbol to form a matching sequence. He may also be matched with himself up to five times, which is the single largest payout possible in the game.

The second bonus symbol to look out for is the paper lantern, which triggers a selection of bonus mini-games if matched three times. The player is able to select between two bonus mini-games, both of which offer the chance to win big payouts.

Keep in mind that although the mini-games appear different, they are both strictly games of chance, with little the player can do to affect the outcome. Play the Lucky 88 slot game now on desktop computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

Play Jacks or Better Online Video Poker

Jacks or Better Online Video Poker by RTG

Jacks or Better by Realtime Gaming, or RTG, is simple; amusing; and thrilling, a game that is truly about offering as much entertainment as is possible. It is aimed at video poker players who enjoy these variations on that great card game, but does not require players to be particularly expert at it. Absolutely anyone will be able to play and enjoy the game.

The software from Realtime Gaming is quick; sharply rendered; and very user-friendly –even online players of a minimal level of experience will have no trouble getting into the heart of real money play in a small amount of time. Happily for players who enjoy this developer’s offerings, the online casinos that make use of their software are famous for their very generous bonuses, and players will be able to put liberal amounts of money other than their own towards enjoying the excellent games Realtime Gaming provides.

Format for Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better is a video poker game with a standard five-card poker format, where a well-ranked poker hand will garner the player in possession of it a good-sized jackpot. It features a standard playing card deck made up of 52 cards, and no wilds, and the cards are reshuffled before each deal, and these deals are all random. There are two play options for the game for players to make a choice between, autoplay and manual play, but the same rules apply for each: the better the hand, the bigger the payout. It really is as simple as that.

Highlights for Jacks or Better Online Video Poker

Jacks or Better video poker allows for online slots Canada to select their wagers from with amounts of 0.5; 0.25; 0.50; 1 and 5 available, and the option to place bets of between one and five coins.

It is a single-hand game, and players are dealt five cards, all facing up. They will then need to make choices on which cards to hold on to and which to discard, with the latter replaced by new cards once the decision has been made. The various paying combinations available for each of the possible hands will be displayed and highlighted on the pay table above the hand the player has managed to accrue.

The best payouts are possible when the maximum bet is in effect, and a royal flush in this case will pay the player 4 000 coins, as opposed to the 400-coin win if the max bet is not in place. The game is played between the player and the dealer, and there are various websites which detail hints and strategies for players to make use of to maximise their winnings.

Winning with Jacks or Better Video Poker

In order to access the big wins with Jacks or Better, players will need to be holding one of the nine winning hands. These, in order of rank, are:

  1. Royal flush
  2. Straight flush
  3. Four-of-a-kind
  4. Full house
  5. Flush
  6. Straight
  7. Three-of-a-kind
  8. Two pairs
  9. Pairs of Jacks or better


Discover Joker Poker Video Poker

Joker Poker Video Poker from RTG

Joker Poker video poker, also sometimes referred to by the name Joker Wild, is one of the Jacks or Better video poker variations from Realtime Gaming, or RTG. In this version of the game the joker behaves as wild, which means that players are able to substitute it for any of the other cards in his or her hand in order to make up a winning card combination. This joker being present means that the game is played with 53 cards rather than the standard 52 that the majority of video poker games make use of.

Playing Joker Poker by RTG at Online Casinos

Players who have selected Realtime Gaming’s Joker Poker will be dealt five cards, and their objective is to hold on to the best ones with which to make up the highest ranking poker card hand they can, whilst discarding those that do not contribute towards this goal. Players keep the cards they want by selecting the hold button, displayed beneath the card, or by clicking on the card itself. Players hold on to the cards they wish to keep, and will then select the deal button. The dealer for the game then automatically discards the cards the player has elected to do away with and replaces them with fresh ones.

Winning Hands for Joker Poker Video Poker

The winning hands for RTG’s Joker Poker, ranked in order, are as follows:

  1. Natural royal flush, a hand that is comprised of the ace; king; queen; jack and ten of the same suit
  2. Five of a kind, five cards of the same suit, possible thanks to the joker wild
  3. Joker royal flush, a royal flush that makes use of the joker wild
  4. Straight flush, made up of five cards of the same suit in sequence
  5. Four-of-a-kind, a hand that is composed of four cards of identical face value
  6. Full house, essentially two hands: any three-of-a-kind along with a pair
  7. Flush, a hand made up of five cards of the same suit, not in sequence
  8. Straight, a hand with five cards not of the same suit, but in sequence
  9. Three-of-a-kind, three cards with the same face value
  10. Two pairs, two groups of two cards with the same face value
  11. Kings or better, i.e. a pair of kings or a pair of aces

Strategy Tips for Joker Poker Video Poker

Players will find many helpful strategy hints and tips to help them maximise their Joker Poker video poker play at a variety of poli poker online, and this help is offered completely free of charge.

The game of Joker Poker is an easy one, both to learn and to master, and the hands dealt can be divided into two groups:

  1. Hands which include a joker
  2. Hands which do not

Play for the game will unfold differently depending on which one of these two types of hands the player has received, and players are encouraged to master the hints for these as quickly as they can.

The variation provides fans of poker with an interesting new way to apply the game’s rules and strategies, but does not demand too high a skill-level to exclude players who are simply looking to relax and enjoy some easy, potentially very profitable video poker play online.

Real Money Mobile Pokies

Real Money Mobile Pokies in New Zealand

Mobile technology has become that much more accessible and functional in New Zealand, with more and more individuals turning to smartphones and tablets as their preferred method of communication as well as entertainment.

As a result, the online software developers of the world have produced revolutionary mobile casino software to be downloaded to compatible devices, which extends to just about every smartphone or tablet. This means easily accessible gameplay for any players that wish to get involved in the online gambling world.

Real money mobile pokies have continued to rise in popularity amongst New Zealanders over the years, providing a host of different types of players with exciting games that they are able to enjoy anywhere and at any time.

Available Pokies in New Zealand

The laws and regulations set forth by New Zealand’s governments used to prohibit online gambling, and at one stage gambling altogether. This, however, has changed over the years and punters can now access a wide range of casinos that offer great real money mobile pokies.

In spite of the fact that the country is still monopolised in terms of online gambling, with just one online casino legally allowed to operate in New Zealand, the government has not made any efforts to stop Kiwi punters from accessing the many international online casinos available to them.

Pokie Fundamentals

Learning how to play real money mobile pokies is far from a difficult task in spite of the fact that the number of slots can be overwhelming for many.

Most pokies will come with a set of rules that will clearly explain just how it works, but generally speaking, they are presented with a set of reels with paylines that need to be wagered on before they spin. A paytable, as well as bonus features, are also readily available in most slots.

Benefits of Playing Real Money Mobile Pokies

Real money online pokies provide New Zealand punters with a plethora of different slot games that don’t necessarily differ from those found in brick and mortar casinos, aside from the fact that a single online or mobile casino can hold far more options.

Pokie machines are considered a class 4 form of gambling according to The Gambling Act in New Zealand, which essentially means that there is a big risk of continually playing with a high payout possibility. The pokies offered within the borders of New Zealand are sometimes only offered if the proceeds go to charity, while this is not the case with real money mobile pokies offered from outside of the borders.

Additionally, real money mobile pokies generally offer bigger jackpot amounts and payout percentages than land-based pokies and they can be played at the convenience of the punter, 24 hours a day.

Free Mobile Pokies

Any Kiwi punters that are unfamiliar with real money mobile pokies, or gambling in general, are encouraged to become acquainted with the many free slot games available online.

These pokies can be found at the many available mobile casinos that are not simply offered to New Zealand punters but are also well-known and trustworthy.

Everything you need to know about Pokies iPhone Apps

Everything You Need To Know About Pokies iPhone Apps

Mobile gaming is establishing itself as one of the fastest growing online industries in New Zealand. With more and more people preferring to access the internet, social media platforms, games and apps via their smartphone, it comes as little surprise that pokies iPhone apps, in particular, are becoming increasingly popular.

Apple is one of the biggest and most recognised tech companies in the world, with the iPhone being their flagship product. The device itself has come a long way in terms of functionality and design, and you’d be hard pressed to find any market on the planet where the device and its parent company haven’t made considerable in-roads.

Check Pokies iPhone App Compatibility

iPhone exclusively uses its native iOS operating software and you’ll find slight variations depending on which model of the device and version of the software you have. Players need to ensure that the pokies iPhone app they’re interested in downloading and playing, is compatible with the specific version of the iOS they’re running. This will guarantee that they’ll have a superior gaming experience where the app is optimised and makes use of the full functionality of the specific model of iPhone.

The last thing a player wants is to battle with getting to grips with the incorrect version of the pokies app. It could be the case where the aspect ratio is off, elements are left off the screen or that there’s simply a limited game functionality. So make sure your download the correct version of the app for your iPhone.

iPhone- friendly Mobile Gaming

Recognised as one of the giants in the smartphone industry, mobile casinos and game developers understand the importance of creating gaming platforms, websites and apps that are built specifically according to iPhone specifications, which makes the most of the device’s powerful processing capability and intuitive design.

iPhone pokies are no exception. Players will find a wealth of entertaining, high-quality pokies iPhone apps by just visiting the app store. New Zealand residents can also play their favourite pokies iPhone games by going directly to their favourite online casino or online pokies site and downloading the iPhone specific app from the site.

Safety & Security on Your iPhone

Safety and security are at the forefront of most iPhone users minds, as more and more people are using their device to access and store private and financial information. The top-rated mobile casinos and blackjack nz understand the potential safety risks and employ stringent security measures and data encryptions to safeguard your information.

Many of them will require you to enter your unique password before granting access to the site or pokies iPhone app. While others will only allow you to make deposits and withdrawals via their cashier through the desktop version of the site. This might seem like overkill but it prevents any unwarranted exposure in terms of having your important financial information at risk.

It should go without saying but make sure that the mobile casino or pokies iPhone app you’re signed up with uses credible online banking providers that are well known and have a sound reputation. This will also help in mitigating any unnecessary risk.

Mystic Secrets

Mystic Secrets Online Slots Overview

There are a few specific symbols to look out for when playing the Mystic Secrets online slot from Novomatic. The first important symbol is the Bearded Scholar, which in this case acts as the slot’s wild symbol. As in most other Novomatic slots, the wild symbol is able to replace all other game symbols, except for the slot’s scatter icon. The bearded scholar is able to appear stacked on the game reels. If you are lucky enough to be able to land 5 of the wild symbols on an activated payline, you will be rewarded with 500x your last stake win. Depending on the size of your bet, increasing your winnings by 500x is certainly worthwhile to every single player. Mystic SecretsContinue reading