Review on Straightforward Slots with Crown Gems from Barcrest

Slots machine games nowadays are getting more and more complex, and players can sometimes feel that there are so many free spin rounds; pick a prize games; and complicated in-reel features that the original idea behind slots machine games and the process of playing them has been left by the wayside. There are hundreds of games available online, developed by top-of-the-line casino game creators, featuring excerpts from modern-day blockbusters and extended animation reels that eat up players’ time and interrupt their concentration, leaving players longing for simpler days where spinning the reels was all that was required.

This is where a slots game like Barcrest’s Crown Gems comes to the fore –it is a game which has been very simply and professionally designed around a gem theme, and which offers the player straight-down-the-line slots play as it should be presented. The game sports no extra gimmicks, and players can enjoy the entertainment it provides without any interruptions from endless bonus rounds. There is the potential for taking home big wins on each spin of the reels, and the auto-play function it sports allows players to let the wins roll in without any input from them at all if they wish to.

Design for Crown Gems Online Slots

In terms of design, Crown Gems is slick and professional without being too intricately wrought. The gems are vivid, and somehow manage to seem to be sparkling although no animations are used. The crowns, which function as the game’s top symbol, are very ornate, and the remaining icons for play are the usual playing card symbols. The audio effects for the game are also subdued: relaxing, gentle computer sounds play as the reels spin, and mellow thuds are heard when the reels come to a stop. Short bursts of music accompany wins.

Wins for Crown Gems Online Slots

There are no bonus features for Crown Gems online slots real money Canada, but the game itself does boast an innovative twist: winning combinations are not required to form from the left-hand side of the reels. Thanks to the fact that identical icons will pay out no matter where they end up on the reels, winning combos can be formed even if these symbols begin on the second or third reel rather than the first.

There are ten paylines in place for Crown Gems, a fixed amount, and the bet ranges from between just 0.1 for all ten paylines or as much as 500. The autoplay function can keep the reels spinning for as many as 50 spins, and, if the player wishes to end this feature earlier, a manual stop can be executed, since no stop-at feature is in use.

The crown is the top-paying symbol, and landing five of these on a payline will award the player 5 000 coins. Four, starting on the first or second reel, will net players 500 coins, and the red gem is next on the prize list, with five being worth 500 coins, and four paying 200. 70 coins will be handed out should three land on the Crown Gems reels.

Fun Facts About Online Bingo No Deposit Games

There is no denying just how popular bingo Cafe UK is. In fact, the game has been popular ever since it was first invented, which many believe was sometime during the 16th Century. Over the past several centuries, there have, of course, been several variations of the game. One such variation has resulted in online bingo no deposit bonuses.

Essentially, as technology (and naturally, the game itself) evolved, a version of bingo was developed to be played on computers and mobile devices, much to the delight of players across Canada. As the game’s audience grew, plenty of anecdotes and fun facts surrounding it emerged along the way. Below, you’ll find some of them, each one just as interesting as the last.

Bingo Cards Background

While online bingo no deposit bonus games don’t actually involve any physical cards, but rather digital ones, it is believed that the idea for them actually came from Germany. As the legend goes, the idea of a grid of numbers printed on cards was originally intended for use in schools all over the country. They were thought to help students learn the multiplication table faster. Canada is a far way from Germany, isn’t it? It just goes to show the global popularity that the game has enjoyed.

Multiple Winning Combinations

On any standard bingo card, including the ones found when playing an online bingo no deposit bonus, a player is able to create one of over a thousand winning combinations. While this may seem to be a pretty steep number, it simply means that there are that many different ways to win. This is one of the main factors that keep the game exciting, and it is no doubt why there are so many online bingo enthusiasts in Canada alone.

75 Ball, 90 Ball and mini bingo is very popular and there are also progressive prize pot games and other exciting variants readily available online. Being able to play more than one card is also a possibility and players can increase their chances of winning big in this way, and many others.

A Fairly Recent Online Launch

While bingo in the traditional sense dates back to the 16th Century, it is thought that the first online bingo game was launched in 1996. All things considered, this is a fairly young concept, being less than two decades old. However, since the first online game was made available to the public, it has evolved immensely, with welcome additions like online bingo no deposit bonus coming to the fore. Understandably, this has become something of a phenomenon amongst the bingo community, with players from Canada and the rest of the world regularly indulging in their favourite game.

Best Bingo Bonuses

Players in Canada are able to benefit from a wealth of sites that offer online bingo no deposit bonuses. Over the past two decades, online bingo sites have dedicated a lot of their time to ensuring that the games they offer are able to bring their players a flawless, fun-filled experience. If you have yet to try your hand at online bingo, a site that offers no deposit bonuses is the perfect place to start and learn from. So, what are you waiting for? Get playing the best online bingo right now!

Online bingo free money

Online Bingo Free Money Makes Playing for Free and Winning a Reality

Bingo halls have long been part of life for many Canadians, and the blossoming of online bingo sites has allowed players to indulge in their favourite pastime via the convenience of the Internet, while winning real money and other great prizes.

The list of online Bingo sites is a long one, but most have a feature in common that is music to the ears to dedicated bingo players: Online bingo free money. If you’d like a more detailed definition, it’s exactly what it says on the tin: free money to play Online Bingo. Just to be clear: yes, online bingo sites will actually give players money to play with, at absolutley no charge. It’s certainly an effective way to ensure that every first-time-customer experience will be a happy one.

What’s in it for the Bingo Site?

Online Bingo sites usually give away online bingo free money as a bonus package. Most sites offer Free Money as a sign-up bonus, but they are also handed out in promotions or as bonuses for deposits. They are incentives used to attract players to the site, allowing them to try out Online Bingo first, before they risk any of their own money.

What’s in it for the Player?

Two kinds of bingo player will be particularly interested in online bingo free money: the novice, and the experienced player. For newcomers to the game, online bingo free money allows them to try it out at no risk, to see if online Bingo is for them. Players can also compare the online bingo free money offerings between different Bingo sites, to find the best deal. It allows beginners to learn the game, and players to assess different sites, during a free trial which is effectively the site’s investment in their Bingo education. But apart from welcome bonuses, online bingo free money is also distributed frequently during site-specific promotions, so an experienced player registered on several Online Bingo sites will be able to take the best advantage of all promotions on offer.

Is there a Catch?

Like all promotional offers, online bingo free money comes with terms and conditions, so players need to read and understand these fully before taking up any offers. For example, some attach conditions to withdrawing your winnings; players can rack up winnings using online bingo free money, but won’t be allowed to withdraw any of it without depositing a certain minimum amount in the account.

Even in this case, however, the player is still getting money for nothing and the opportunity to win even more. Whichever way you slice it;  either as an opportunity for dedicated online Bingo aficionados to win even more, or a painless way to introduce first-time Bingo Australia players to the online environment, online bingo free money counts as a win all round. It’s the ultimate “Thank you for playing” reward; one which you get before you even start playing. In short, for Canadians who are devoted to the game, online bingo free money ticks all the boxes and offers an added incentive to enjoy a game or two online.


Nonstop Action and Entertainment in Online Bingo

Bingo has undergone a major transformation by going online and in recent years has shrugged off its association with elderly players in community halls and become a hip, hot and happening way to win big. There are a myriad of sophisticated bingo sites available online and Canadian players are fast realising that this exciting game is one that can be very rewarding.

The premise of bingo couldn’t be simpler, but the rewards up for grabs are no joke and in addition to offering cash players can also try their luck at winning exotic holidays, cars and other incredible prizes. Additionally, many Canadian bingo sites feature big bonuses that will enhance your chances of winning and get your gaming off to a great start.

Popular Types of Bingo

Online Bingo is available in numerous different formats including mini bingo, multi-card bingo and progressive jackpot bingo. However the 2 most common formats of the game are the 75 ball and 90 ball options.

The 75 ball bingo games feature one prize per game and make use of a grid that’s 5×5, with numbers from 1-75. Often the central square in the grid will be a free one, but this format may change depending on the site you choose. The games run quickly and an auto dauber will cross off the numbers called, ensuring you never miss a chance to win big.

90 Ball bingo is played in much the same way, only instead of one main prize there are line prizes and jackpot prizes too. This version of the game is often the one that boasts the biggest payouts and prize potential and is well-loved by those looking for big rewards.

Interactive Bingo Entertainment Online

One of the biggest attractions of bingo has always been its social element and by going online this element hasn’t been lost, it’s actually been added to. Online bingo chat rooms are available at sites across the web and you can interact with other players and a chat host, make new bingo buddies or enjoy some upbeat rivalry and plenty of laughs.

The chat room also offers some added opportunities to win big and players can indulge in chat games and claim exclusive bonuses for engaging with other players and being part of the action. Chat room etiquette, a glossary of abbreviations and other associated information is easy to find online and players can quickly pick up the lingo and start having fun.

Enthralling Online Bingo

Online casino software developers have recognised just how popular bingo is becoming and have created state-of-the-art games that are played in virtual rooms. The cards, rooms and other features are all cutting edge and each game has its own theme, style and particular flavour.

Fun, funky and packed full of big winning opportunities, online bingo Canada has changed the way players enjoy this exciting game and the way others view it. As the game is so simple to play there really isn’t any need to practice but there are free games available online for anyone who wants to acquaint themselves with the style of play or just have fun.

Fruit Machines and Bingo Online

Fruit machines and bingo are two classic casino games of chance, each of which has its roots deep in history. Fruit machines were invented in San Francisco during the 19th century, and soon populated pubs, clubs and land-based casinos, while games of bingo have been played for decades at casinos and dedicated bingo halls alike.

Fruit machines and bingo games are still some of the most well-known casino gambling games played today, with many online casinos now offering web-based versions of both games. Online players will have the advantage of being able to hone their skills with free fruit machines and bingo games before choosing to play for real money, all while playing in a secured online environment.

The Fundamentals of Fruit Machines

Fruit machines were some of the first slot game variations to be offered, and many modern online slots are still fashioned after these iconic games. Invented in 1887 by Charles Fey, the Liberty Bell was one of the first examples of fruit slot machines, and soon after its invention many companies had followed suit, producing their own fruit slot games.

‘Fruit machines’ are so named due to their reel symbols, which typically feature a combination of fruits such as cherries, lemons and watermelons, along with other symbols such as bars, bells and sevens. Classic fruit machines tend to play out over 3 reels and just a few paylines, and online fruit machine games incorporate updated bonus features to add a modern element to their games.

The Basics of Bingo

The first version of bingo was an Italian lottery game, which appeared during the 16th century. Games similar to today’s bingo were played in many regions across the globe until the early 20th century, in which businessman Edwin S. Lowe became fascinated by the game of Beano. With some alterations to the name and game play of Beano, Lowe had soon created bingo, a game which soon gained popularity in bingo halls and land-based casinos alike. Bingo is still played today as it was almost a hundred years ago, with 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball and even 30-ball versions of the game available at online casinos for free and real money play.

The Advantages of Fruit Machines and Bingo

Fruit machines and bingo are in many ways similar, as both games are purely games of chance. Bingo is renowned as a social game, allowing players to chat with each other while the games commence, and fruit machines may have a social aspect of their own, as they are often involved in online casino tournaments.

Little strategy is involved in playing either fruit machines or bingo, making both games ideal for those players who are new to the world of casino gambling. In the case of new players or those looking more for entertainment, free fruit machines and bingo are available at many online casinos, allowing players to hone their skills, learn more about the games and enjoy risk-free games before deciding to wager real money online. Free games also allow players to test a number of game software styles, enabling them to choose the game titles and themes that suit them when looking to play for real money.

Triple Twister

Triple Twister Video Slots Game

Realtime Gaming designed Triple Twister a little different to its other popular video slot games.  RTS is renowned for its high quality graphics, but it took a slightly toned down approach to this game as the design is cartoony and lightens the theme of a twister’s possible impending disaster on the animals and owners of the farm.

RTS takes great care in designing games that sets them apart from their competition, and they have once again proven that in this game where they included fifty paylines instead of the more common twenty.  The lowest end of the betting is at 50c, and the maximum bet can be as high as $250.

This video slots game can be played for fun or with real money slots Philippines and the potential pay-out is quite substantial.

Special Slots Specifications

Triple Twister is a 5 reel video slot game with a massive, 50 paylines.  This game has not only one, but two, progressive jackpots that can be won at random whether you win or lose your round.  There is a minor and a major progressive random jackpot to be found in this game.  The maximum coins that can be won, is 9,999 that is equivalent to $49,995.00 in cash.  You can bet with a maximum of 50 coins and this game contains a wild and a multiplier bonus, it also features a scatter symbol and you can win additional free spins.

In Triple Twister, the twister symbol is the wild and it will only appear in the third line.  In this game the twister will substitute all other symbols including the scatter.  When the twister appears and expands across all the reels all wins can be tripled.  The weather vane symbol is the scatter in this game and results in much higher pay-outs when you also get the twister.

Big Win-Win Bonus and Free Spins

The weather vane symbol in Triple Twister can really change your luck as it can award you nine free spins when you land three or more scatters across the reels.  Your chances are increased by the twister symbol that also expands across the reels.

The game also features a win-win functionality, which is not common in video slots gaming.  It is quite complicated but in short it means that during your free spins, you can win up to 100 times your bet, but if you did not win anything, you could still win your original bet amount, making it a win-win as you never actually lose anything during these rounds.

The win-win essentially gives the player the opportunity to gain larger winnings if the player had less than successful rounds during the free spins bonus game.

More Than One Highest Pay-out Symbol

RTG injected two different symbols in Triple Twister with the same pay out value for 3, 4 and 5 symbol combinations, namely the farmer and his wife. Other higher value symbols, amongst other, include a Dog, a Pig, a Cow, a Windmill, and a Tractor.  Along with the wild, this gives the player an even bigger chance of winning big.

Casino Tivoli

Tivoli Casino Has Connections to the Famous Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Casino is an online casino owned and run by Tivoli A/S, a company which is part of the famous Tivoli brand. The company has been in the amusement industry since 1843, and is responsible for creating the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, which attracts millions of Danish and international visitors every year.  It is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. Tivoli A/S, through their subsidiary company, launched their international online version of their website in 2014. Tivoli Gardens itself offers a couple of arcade games and slot machines, so it is perhaps not surprising that the Tivoli company now boasts it own online casino. The online blackjack real money Canada and bonuses offered by the Tivoli Casino are available on all types of mobile devices.

The company is licensed by both the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority and is only accessible via an encrypted SSL connection, which means all personal and financial transactions are protected.

All Major Software Developers Are Involved

Games from some of the biggest and most popular casino software developers in this industry are available at the Tivoli Casino. Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Play’n Go and NYX Gaming are all suppliers of casino games to Tivoli Casino. Players have instant access to these games with no need of a download. The power of the brand offers players complete reliability, and more and more players every month are using this casino.

Tivoli Casino offers players a huge selection of games, with big titles from the major developers, and more are being added all the time. The games offered by Tivoli Casino are mostly slot games, with about 250 slots available at present. Some of the most popular are Jurassic Park, The Dark Knight Rises and South Park. Games include progressive slots with some great jackpots. Some titles are even produced by the casino itself, in order to offer players some new games to experiment with. The selection covers table games including several variations of blackjack and European roulette as well as a Baccarat game and some video poker games, like Jacks or Better, All American, Aces and Faces among others.

Targeting European Market

Tivoli Casino makes it easy for international players to open an account and make a deposit by providing all the standard banking options, like the major credit and debit cards. Payment is in Euros. Customer service is given by an experienced support team which is available every hour of every day. The team can be contacted at present only by email, but they promise a speedy reply to all queries and requests.

Good Bonus Opportunities

New players are encouraged to join in the fun with a generous welcome bonus. The boost to the bankroll will certainly assist them in their play, and open up a world of opportunities to enjoy the games and win some payouts, right from the start. Players are also offered several other special features, like free spin promotions, special season campaigns and a great reward program for regular visitors. This is based on points earned by how often a player visits the site. Points can be earned with bets on the games, and can be used to claim some special VIP offers or even exchanged for real money.

Club Euro

Club Euro Casino

Launched in 2004, Club Euro casino has established itself as a trusted and respected brand online. A continental casino that forms part of the Club World Groups conglomerate, Club Euro has used its years of experience in the industry to ensure that it provides a quality experience to all who play there.

Club Euro and the entire Club World Group is regulated and licensed in Curacao and has proven to consistently meet high standards of safety, fairness and operations.

Game Software by RTG

Powered by Realtime Gaming, Club Euro features a wide and diverse selection of games that are cutting edge. Realtime Gaming is renown for creating graphic rich games with immersive themes and entertaining sound tracks and at Club Euro, a selection of titles is showcased to great effect.

A choice of free to download software is on offer for access to the full suite of games offered by Club Euro. Alternatively, players are able to enjoy Flash-based games in browser with no download required

Game Selection

The selection of Realtime Gaming games available at Club Euro covers everyone’s preferences and includes slots, video poker, table games, speciality games and more.

Popular classics such as Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack online can be enjoyed, as can Craps. A selection of different video poker variants is featured and players can enjoy classic reel and vide slots at their convenience.

Progressive jackpot games are also readily available, as are plenty of regular winning opportunities. There are a total of 11 RTG progressive jackpot games on offer so there are plenty of chances for players to try their luck at winning big.

Bonuses and Promotions

Club Euro offers plenty of bonuses to players. On sign up a Welcome Bonus can be claimed and thereafter, players are treated to daily and weekly promotions that could take the form of cashback, match bonuses or free spins for specific slots games.

There’s also a VIP membership club that players can join and points are accumulated with every deposit made and game played. This VIP club is linked across the Club World network and all loyalty points accumulated can be used at any one of the brands casinos. Points are collected and are converted to cash when a player has met certain requirements.

Banking Options

Club Euro offers a wide selection of reputable, trustworthy banking options for players who want to enjoy real money gaming. The casino aims to process payments within a day and deposits clear almost instantly. Plenty of European banking processors are available and Neteller, UseMyWallet, Skrill and Click2Pay are just a few of the available options.

With over a decade of experience, Club Euro has established itself as a prominent gaming destination online and with the backing of the Club World Group, it has added prestige.

Support and Service

Club Euro is a Euro-centric casino and targets players across the continent. The casino is available in 14 languages and there are multiple currency options. The casino has a reputation for excellent service and the support team is on standby 24/7. Support can be contacted via email form or telephone and responses are advertised as being prompt.


Novomatic Introduction

The Novomatic Group is one of the biggest integrated producers and operators of gaming technologies in the world. The company was founded in 1980 by billionaire entrepreneur Professor Johann F. Graf. Today they have locations in more than 50 countries and exports of advanced electronic gaming equipment to at least 80 countries. The Novomatic Group, employs more than 23 000 people, operates more than 232,000 gaming machines, and is involved in more than 1500 casinos, both ‘brick and mortar’ and online.

The Novomatic Group is based in Austria, and has Admiral Sportwetten GmbH, Austria‘s leading sports betting operator as part of the group. In addition they partner with the Vienna based online gaming specialist Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH for gaming and casino software provision. The Novomatic Group have also entered the lottery business by acquiring Betware and forming Novomatic Lottery Solutions in 2013.

Novomatic aims its products primarily at the European Union, and is showing significant growth in the South American and USA markets too. Novomatic describe themselves as a company involved in the development, production, distribution and rental of gaming machines.

Business Leaders

The Novomatic Group, particularly with the acquisition of their lottery business is now one of the leading companies in the online casino field. Novomatic works on the principle of facilitating users creating an effective bank account that is funded through a bank or credit card. Players can utilise this account for all sorts of casino games, table games and slots, being able to play as much as they wish, with the possibility of cashing out at any time.

The Online Environment

With the advent of the internet, casinos that were limited to players visiting their sites physically were now able to reach players across the globe. Online casino Dubai games that had been popular for centuries, were now readily available, making online casino growth almost inevitable. Now part of the online gaming swing, casino play is both recognised and popular. Playing casino games at every opportunity is a business gain that casinos have been very quick to pursue, and has heralded a further technological trend to mobile access.

But with a Social Conscience

Due to the ease of access by gamblers and the large volumes being spent at their casinos, Novomatic has developed a dual approach to this business. Firstly, they maintain responsible business management with continuous and effective administration, whilst on the other hand also supporting a large number of cultural, social, sports-related, scientific and societal initiatives with their vibrant corporate social responsibility program.

Novomatic have taken the position that the complex service of gaming development is also linked to full social responsibility. Novomatic has consequently implemented a comprehensive responsible gaming program, which was constructed, developed and is monitored in collaboration with expert research into addictions not related to substances by the Medical University of Vienna.

Novomatic therefore do business within the socially accepted parameters of exclusively operating only in clearly regulated markets and within the company compliance requirements. Also, they are proud of their roots at the various locations where they operate, considering it an obligation to share success with the society, and achieving a social balance. Casino play for social good.

Golden Glove Themed Slots

Golden Glove Sports Themed Slots

The name of this game by Real Time Gaming comes from a term used in baseball, which is probably the favourite game of most Americans. It applies to the player who is a good catcher and therefore wears the golden glove. The symbols are all baseball related, as can be expected, and the player will see the hot dog and the bag of popcorn, the scoreboard letters, the batter’s helmet, the gold trophy, the baseball itself and the Golden Glove.  Golden Glove is part of Real Time Gaming’s Real-Series video online slots Australia collection, and is available on all brands of smart phone and tablet.

This game has five reels and twenty pay lines, but the player can set the number of pay lines he wishes to play, although it may mean missing out on some winning combinations if the number is reduced. The Batter is Golden Glove’s Wild symbols and can substitute all other symbols except the Golden Glove, which is the Scatter. When part of a winning combination, the Batter symbol acts as a multiplier of two times

Many Opportunities for Winning Combinations

Golden Glove has a top fixed jackpot that can be won by combining the Batter Wild symbol with the Catcher symbols to complete a winning combination. A combination with the Catcher but without the Batter only wins half the jackpot amount.

If the player finds three Glove symbols appearing on the reels reading from left to right, he will win nine free games with a multiplier of two times in what is called the Home Run Feature. During the free spins bonus round the letter H I T may appear on reels 2, 3 or 4. If they do appear in the right order, the player will be rewarded with a single, double, triple or a Home Run. For each run the player scores, a prize of twice the wager placed is awarded and the player also receives one free game of the Grand Slam feature. In these free games all prizes won, apart from the run bonus, will be doubled. A Grand Slam can also be hit if the player uses this feature.

A Progressive Jackpot

Wins on different pay lines in Real Time Gaming’s Golden Glove are added together, and the Scatter wins are added to those. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total wager made, and pay line wins are multiplied by the wager placed on each line. Only the highest win on each pay line is paid out.

Another benefit of Golden Glove is the opportunity of a random jackpot win. This may appear at the conclusion of a free spin. Progressive jackpot wins are added to the other wins the player may have gained, so the player may end up with a substantial profit.

Free Spins and Bonuses

If the player has scored runs in the Home Run feature, he will go on to the Grand Slam feature. Each run scored during this feature will award the player with either five times, ten times, twenty five times or even one hundred times the original wager placed. The Grand Slam feature free spins that follow the free spins in the Home Run feature. The Golden Glove Scatter does not appear in either of the free spins feature, and those features cannot be reactivated. The Batter Wild can substitute the letter “I” on reel 3.