Spacebotz Slot

The Spacebotz Slot Game

The Spacebotz slot game, created by Genesis Studios, is the type of online casino game experience that only comes around every once in a while. That is to say, from its outstanding graphics, superior animation quality, engaging interactive music, and highly generous prizes, the Spacebots slot game is an all round winner. It is available on desktop computer and mobile device, and has a free to play mode for those who would like to test it before spending real money.

The basis of the Spacebots slot game is that Earth is under invasion from space robots. If this sounds a little corny it’s because the game really doesn’t take itself too seriously. The prospect of Earth being invaded is a rather alarming one, but Spacebotz takes this potentially dark material and makes it a whole lot more charming. The robot invaders are rather goofy looking, and not especially threatening. And the music, although suitably epic, speaks more of fun and adventure as apposed to galactic warfare. It’s an all round good time for pretty much anyone who plays the best online pokies Australia games.

Visuals And Symbol Designs

Get ready to defend Earth, and potentially earn a bit of cash for your pocket in the process. The robot invaders have already been stated as being a rather goofy bunch in the Spacebotz slot game, so let’s take a closer look at who your enemies are, and find out exactly how much they’re worth. The first is a fellow who looks like he’s from a sci-fi movie shot in the 40’s. He may be flying, which is a rather impressive feat, but the look on his face says invading Earth probably wasn’t a decision he’s happy with. He is the most valuable standard symbol in the game, and will pay a good amount if matched the maximum of five times.

The second most valuable symbol, another escapee from old school sci-fi, seems to have skipped leg day at the gym. He is moderately more menacing looking than his friend, but still won’t be winning any awards for intimidation. He will still be a welcome sight on the reels, however, as his payouts are not too shabby. There is a third robot, a cross between R2-D2 and a vacuum cleaner, which makes up the three main robot symbols. We’ll learn now how they add to the bonus system of the Spacebotz slot game.

Generous Bonuses

There is a standard wild symbol in the Spacebotz slot game, which will match with all other symbols to create matching sequences. It’s about what you would expect. The scatter symbol, however, really brings the game to life with some innovative features. Upon the scatter symbol being matched, which appears as the written word Spacebotz, the player will be granted 5 free spins. During the free spins sequence all the robot symbols transform into wild symbols. Furthermore, if the scatter symbols are matched during the free spins, they will add to free spins already awarded. This means that a lucky player can really walk away with a bucket load of cash. Who knew Earth being invaded would be so lucrative?

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Play Casino Games For Free Online

There are many benefits available to anyone choosing to play casino games for free online.  When playing for real money, the player is immediately bound by the rules and legalities surrounding all things gambling for his or her particular country and region.  This is not the case when playing for free, as playing for free does not constitute gambling, and the player is therefore exempt from gambling laws.

Especially in a country such as the Philippines, where all forms of gambling are strictly regulated, playing online for free is a welcome alternative to playing for real money.

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Gone are the days where the only form of entertainment involving games was to be found in land-based casinos.  The perks of playing online casino games cannot be overstated.  A wide variety of games are available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The only requirement:  a working internet connection.  New online casino games are being developed daily, catering to the ever changing entertainment needs of the world at large.

Whether you prefer typical slot games reminding of the old one-armed bandits, or classic card games, there is bound to be something that will tickle your fancy.

Game developers, both in the Philippines and elsewhere, are constantly looking for ways to expand their repertoire – in order to not only lure new players, but also keep regular players entertained and coming back for more.

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It needn’t be a complicated process to become familiar with how to play casino games for free online.  Online casinos are increasing in number almost daily; with one casino always trying to outsmart the next in order to keep players satisfied and entertained.  Players residing in the Philippines can access any of these online casino sites, at any time of the day or night.  Pre-play download and player detail registration is not required when choosing to play casino games for free online.  Most games are available in flash mode: simply choose your game of choice and start playing.

In the Philippines, the gambling industry is largely owned and strictly regulated by the Philippine government.  The Philippine government is renowned for closely controlling the industry, and many forms of gambling are classified as illegal.  Free online games are a great way to side-step all of the red tape, without having to compromise on the entertainment value.

A Quick Study

Besides the obvious positives connected to playing online for free, there is also a secondary definite benefit available to players: becoming familiar with the online games without having to place an actual wager on the table.   This is especially beneficial to players who are new to the online gaming and gambling scene.  Trying out anything new for the first time can be rather intimidating, even more so when one stands to win or lose real money.  Being able to play casino games for free online before playing for real money can go a long way to eradicate the fear of the unknown.

Learn About Online Slots Casino Real Money Wagering

Learn About Online Slots Casino Real Money Wagering

Online slots casino real money wagers are available to players. You can wager in American Dollars and use a variety of payment services to make your deposits and withdrawals.

All transactions will be secured by the casino’s data encryption software that is designed to protect players and sensitive personal information. Learn About Online Slots Casino Real Money WageringContinue reading