Is Social Media Pushing Gambling?

Is Social Media Pushing Gambling?

Social media plays a big part in the lives of the majority of people around the world and it was only a matter of time before social media and online casino gaming would join forces to give players more access and information about online casinos, new games and technological developments in the casino industry.

Many online casinos in Canada and around the globe are always looking for new ways to attract players to use their sites and to keep their current players happy and using social media has been of invaluable help in doing this.


Twitter is one of the ways that online casinos are able to get new information out.  Twitter is a social network offering online news and registered users are able to post comments and interact with other users.  These comments are known as “tweets”.

Once registered on Twitter Canadian players will find a huge range of users to follow and this includes online casinos. Players who are registered at various online casinos can also follow them on Twitter.  This will mean keeping up to date with all the new promotions and giveaways and there may even be exclusive Twitter promotions. Twitter also keeps players up to date with any upcoming or new casino games.  Other players may also post comments if they have had a bad experience with a certain online casino which is helpful as players can then know which casinos to avoid.


Many casinos will also have a Facebook page. Friends may post comments about good online casinos or games they have tried which will help them make well-informed decisions about where to play. Facebook has become a great marketing tool and is used by many online casinos to advertise bonuses and promotional offers which will be offered if players add their friends to the casino page.  Just a note for players that many online casinos may use Facebook as a way to verify new players and to ensure the information given is correct.


Over the last few years Instagram has made its appearance and has really taken off. This application is used to share pictures and videos on Instagram as well as using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.

Many Canadian players have also jumped on the Instagram bandwagon and have found it a great social media tool. Online casinos have also begun using this platform to share information and they will post pictures or videos of any new games. Online casinos also ask that their players upload pictures of any big wins when playing at their site.

Canadian casino players will be excited about seeing how other players are wining which gives them the encouragement to continue playing knowing that big payouts are possible.


Many Canadian casino online also use YouTube to inform players of new games and a video of the game can be watched on YouTube. This is a great help when deciding to play a certain casino game before playing for real money. There will also be promotional offers uploaded by the online casino to keep players in touch with promotions, special competitions or tournaments that the casino may be offering.

Social media is an excellent marketing tool for attracting new players and keeping current ones up to date with new games and developments as well as special offers, bonuses and promotions.