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Online Casino Guide to Online Casino Guides

Although current laws do not allow gambling fans in the Philippines to play at online casinos licensed by Philippine authorities, as these sites accept only international players, there is no law preventing Filipinos enjoying all the casino action they want at online gaming sites licensed in other jurisdictions. Even when the sites with ugly reputations are weeded out by online research, Philippine gamers will still have dozens of legitimate, reputable online casinos available to offer them their favourite casino games. To sort through all the options, they need an online casino guide. 

Finding an online casino guide is hardly a major effort: a quick reconnaissance on Google will throw up plenty. Players may even want to add the keyword ‘Philippines’ to the search, to refine their results a little. But what many newcomers to online gambling may not realise, is that some of the best NZD online casino guides are not specifically labelled ‘online casino guide’.

Online Casino Review and Compilation Sites

The rapid growth of online gambling has spawned a number of support industries, including the practice of reviewing online casinos. Review sites rank and list the online casinos they evaluate, so their Top 10 lists are a pretty effective online casino guide in their own right. Many reviewing sites are compilation sites too, although stand-alone compilation sites also exist, that don’t necessarily include casino reviews among their listings.

Either way, review sites and compilation sites perform the role of the online casino guide perfectly. Not only will both types provide lists of reputable casinos available online to Philippine players, but in most cases they will have easy click-throughs to any sites the player fancies. They also offer searches using various filters: a specific gaming software developer, for example, or slot machines with certain attributes. So whether they are searching by title, category, or any other filter, they save players time finding the top gaming sites online.

What Must an Online Casino Guide Include?

Banking security is naturally of prime importance to anyone gambling online. The top casinos will all use the same high-level encryption as banks do, and provide evidence of this on their home page, to reassure players that their bank accounts cannot be tampered with by third parties. A strictly enforced privacy policy is also needed to keep gamblers’ personal info out of the hands of phishers and spammers. Finally, the site needs to prove its games have been audited independently for genuinely random results. Any online casino guide worth its salt will check that these precautions are in place for all the gaming sites that they recommend.

Tracking Bonuses using Review Sites

All online casinos offer regular free bonus play to entice more players; it is one of the major ways casino sites can compete against land-based operations. Another feature that makes compilation or review sites handy as an online casino guide is their practice, frequently, of including a panel on their home page that updates regularly to display all the latest bonuses on offer at the casinos they recommend.

Gamblers who enjoy online wagering often would therefore do well to check an online casino guide every time they play. That way, they can find the best matching deposit bonuses, free games and other incentives. These free offers will have terms and conditions attached, but they do allow players to get more out of their online casino entertainment while spending less.