50 Dragons Slot

The 50 Dragons Slot Game

The dragon is seen as a sign of good luck in Chinese culture, and the 50 Dragons slot game makes liberal use of this common perception. Created by Aristocrat Games, The Fifty Dragons slot game has based all its imagery around the dragon and other popular Chinese culture. The result is a play experience that is a visual feast for the eye, but does tend to lack in other departments.

The soundtrack that accompanies the 50 Dragons slot game, for example, is less than impressive, and there is a rather glaring lack of music. Only rudimentary clicks accompany each spin, and one can’t help but feel that a major opportunity was missed to compliment the visuals with traditional Chinese music. The game play, however, is fun and highly entertaining, making the game still worth a look for both veteran and casual slot game players.

A five reel, fifty play line system is used, with the player is even able to manually select which betting lines they would like to activate, creating a great deal of strategic opportunities not seen in other similar slot games.

Bonuses And Special Features

There are two main bonus symbols in the 50 Dragons slot game, the dragon pearl and the golden ingot. The dragon pearl, pictured as an enormous pearl held by a dragons clawed hand, is the wild symbol, and will match with all other symbols in order to create matching sequences. For example, a match may consist of two pearls and two aces, which will result in a four aces payout. Note that the pearl may also match with itself a minimum of three times, and maximum of five times, which grants exceptionally good payouts.

The second bonus symbol in the 50 Dragons online slots Canada game is the ingot, which acts as the so called scatter symbol. The term scatter, of course, means that the symbol does not have to be directly adjacent to grant payouts, and may appear anywhere on the reels. Upon matching, the ingot grants a number of free spins, depending on the value of the sequence. A three ingot match will grant fifteen free spins, a four ingot match will grant twenty, and a five ingot match will grant thirty. Note that during free spins an extra wild will be added to the reels, increasing the chances of matches being created.

Play Symbols In Detail

As already mentioned, the 50 Dragons slot game borrows heavily from Chinese culture. The most valuable symbol in the game is, of course, the golden dragon, who will certainly prove he is a symbol of luck if matched the maximum of five times, considering they payout that will be granted if such a lucky match occurs.

The next most valuable symbols are the peacock and the tiger, followed by the Koi fish, and the standard playing card numbers. The playing card symbols, nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace, again seem like a bit of a missed opportunity, given that they are not even stylised to fit with the firmly Chinese theme. Lets take a look at some of the potential bonuses available in the game.

50 Dragons

50 Dragons Online Slot Game

50 Dragons is a slot game created by Aristocrat Games. In terms of visual fidelity, 50 Dragons offers a rich experience, with high detail images that draw from popular Chinese culture. Including peacocks, koi fish and golden dragons, the player is in for a cultural treat.

The sound design, however, is not as impressive as the visual design, which is a shame given that so much effort was clearly put into the visuals. In terms of game play, however, 50 Dragons brings a fast paced, entertaining experience, using a five reel, fifty play line system.

Not only is fifty betting lines a great deal more then is found in other slot games, but the lines are also manually adjustable, offering the player the chance to find a strategic approach that suits them best. 50 Dragons can be played on desktop computer, tablet or even from any phone as a pokies online for real money.

Symbols In More Detail

The symbol designs in 50 Dragons has already been mentioned as being visually impressive, lets take a closer look at them. The golden dragon is the most valuable symbol in the game, which makes sense, given how prominently the dragon icon features in Chinese culture.

If the dragon is matched the maximum of five times a large instant payout is made, making the dragon exceptionally lucky in anyone’s book. The next most valuable symbol is the peacock, followed by the tiger. These symbols, although not as lucrative as the golden dragon, still offer the chance for great payouts. Next in line is the koi fish, who is the least valuable main symbol.

The remaining symbols are the traditional playing card numbers, including nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. In order to really score big in the 50 Dragons slot game, the player needs to learn more about the bonus symbols.

Bonuses and Specials

The image of a pearl held in a dragon’s claw is the wild symbol in the 50 Dragons game, and will match with any other symbol to create a winning sequence. A sequence may consist of, for example, two queens and a pearl, which will result in a three queens payout. The same will work with two pearls and two queens, which will be a four queens payout.

The second bonus symbol is the golden ingot, which is a scatter symbol, meaning that it may match even when not in adjacent positions on the reels. If matched, the ingot will grant ten free spins, during which all wins are multiplied by the total bet for that round. This means, of course, that the player is encouraged to always bet the maximum. Be cautious, however, as always betting the maximum can be a costly affair. Also keep in mind that extra wild ingots are added to the reels during free spins, which greatly increase the chances of winning sequences occurring. This makes the wild ingot by far the most important symbol in the game, and the player should keep their eye on it if wanting to make the most possible money when playing.

Dragon Emperor Slot Game

Dragon Emperor Online Slot Game

Dragon Emperor, created by Aristocrat pokies Games, is an online slot game. It features a strikingly beautiful visual theme based around popular Chinese culture, with a special focus on past eras where wise old Emperors ruled the lands.

The historic visuals are depicted in a serious of symbols designs that are both highly detailed and interesting, making the game appealing to players from all walks of life. If anything, a person will get a glimpse into a culture that is fascinating and rich.

In terms of game play Dragon Emperor uses a fairly standard five reel system, but take note that play lines are not adjustable in any way. Instead the game uses a betting line system referred to as Reel Power, which offer two hundred and forty three ways to win. This does indeed sound like an impressively large number, but be aware that with the player having no way in which to decide the number of reels, a great deal of interactivity and freedom is taken away. Veteran slot game players may find this system unappealing but new players will love being able to play this iPhone slots game from their smart phone.

Special Bonus Symbols

There are two bonus symbols in the Dragon Emperor game, including the dragon and the golden Chinese character. The dragon, seen as a lucky omen in Chinese culture, works in conjunction with the other bonus symbol, with the two granting the potential for enormous payouts. The golden Chinese character grants free spins when matched, which will be triggered automatically. The number of free spins is determined by the value of the matching sequence. During the free spins, if the dragon symbol is matched anywhere on the reels, an instant extra spin is granted, on top of those already existing. This means that multiple chances to achieve winning sequences are granted, all of which likewise use the dragon as a wild symbol.

Also note that during free spins, if the golden character symbols match again, the free spins sequence will be retriggered from the start. The potential for incredible payouts is clear, making the Dragon Emperor game one of the more interesting the in the special features department.

Symbol Designs And Values

The image of a wise emperor with a long white moustache and flowing beard is a common one, and hence many people will instantly recognise the most valuable symbol in the Dragon Emperor slot game. The emperor symbol is the most valuable, and pays out an enormous sum if matched the maximum of five times.

The second most valuable symbol is likewise recognisable, depicting a dragons claw clutching a pearl.

The remaining picture symbol is a golden chest, which is the least valuable of the three, but still grants a considerable payout if matched five times. The remaining symbols are rather disappointingly designed card numbers, including jack, queen, king and ace. No effort was even made to have these card numbers fit with the theme, which is a bit of let down, given as how detailed the other symbols are. Lets turn out attention now to the bonus symbols, which hold the key to great riches for the player.

Double Happiness Slot

Double Happiness Slot Game

The Double Happiness slot game is created by Aristocrat Games. It features a bright, colourful design based around popular Chinese culture. Including Chinese dragons, paper lanterns, fans, and more, there is little that can be said to be unappealing about the graphics and deigns choices.

The sound design, on the other hand, is sorely lacking, with nothing but the most basic audio on offer, such as slicking reels and one note chimes. This is a little disappointing, given that the Double Happiness Slot game could have been a real classic, if accompanied by a strong soundtrack. The game is, however, still enjoyable, and many hours of entertainment can be found if a player is perhaps looking for a bit of peace and quiet, as apposed to any sort of music.

The terms of game play the Double Happiness slot game features a five reel, twenty five line play system, with betting lines able to be manually adjusted by the player. This will be a welcome sight for veteran slot game players, many of whom prefer a bit of added strategy features.

Bonuses And Specials

When a game features a Chinese theme, you can be sure that there are going to be some dragons, and the Double Happiness slot game is no exception. The Chinese dragon in this case is the wild symbol, and will match with any other symbol to creating a matching sequence. The wild symbol will also match with itself, however, up to five times, and if you didn’t think the dragon was lucky before, wait until you see how much he pays out for a five time match.

A second Chinese dragon, featuring different colours is the scatter symbol, and will match up to three times, even if not in adjacent spaces on the reels. Upon matching the scatter symbols will grant thirty free spins. Plus, extra wilds will be added to the reels during the free spins sequence, greatly increasing the chances of matches being created. The last bonus feature in the Double Happiness slot game at Canadian mobile casino is the gamble option, seen near the bottom of the play area. Hit this button after a win to get a chance at doubling the win, or losing it altogether.

Symbol Designs In Detail

The most valuable symbol in the Double Happiness slot game is the smiling dancer with a paper fan, who seems to be a monk. If matching with himself the maximum of five times this smiling person will certainly make you want to smile back, given that the payout is a healthy sum. He is also the only symbol that will give a payout if matched only twice, even if it is only an insignificant amount. The next most valuable symbol is the drums, followed fireworks, paper lantern, and symbols.

The remaining symbols in the game are the traditional nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace, which certainly don’t have much to do with Chinese culture. It is a bit of a shame that the developers did not take the time to make more appropriate lower value symbols, or at least put some effort into making the card numbers Chinese themed in some way.

Free Slots Online

Playing Free Casino Slots Online

If you are a fan of casino games, you will know that slot machine games are certainly the most popular of them all. Slots games can be found in almost every land-based casino anywhere in the world. With the arrival of online casinos, slots retained their popularity and have continued to provide players with entertaining ways to win money online. Today online slots real money Canada have become the most popular and the most played online casino game on the internet. But for most people, the biggest advantage of playing online is that anyone can play free slots online without ever needing to make a deposit. This means players can play all their favourite casino games absolutely free, for as long as they like.

Accessing Free Slots Games

When it comes to playing free slots online, international online casinos offer three different types of casino options for players to choose from. The first type of casino is called the download casino. This is the full online casino software that players can download to almost any PC, Laptop or Mac computer. Download casinos offer the widest range of slots and casino games and offers a more complete casino experience. The second type of casino is the instant play or Flash casino. This is where players play online casino games directly from their web browser. The advantage of a Flash casino is that anyone with a web browser and the latest version of Macromedia Flash can instantly play any number of slots for fun without having to download the software.

Types of Free Slots Games

When you play free slots online, you always get wide range of slots games to choose from. From classic slots games to video slots, mega spin slots to interactive slots, progressive slots and more. Each slots game is based on the classic slot machine that everyone is familiar with. Video slots feature high quality graphics and sound effects to enhance the gameplay and create a rich casino-like atmosphere. Interactive slots or I-slots are a combination of video slots and video games. As with a video game, interactive slots follow a story and allow the player to determine certain outcomes of the game. The advantage of playing free slots online is that you can always swap over to playing for real money at any time.

Free Mobile Slots Games

With the rise in mobile technology, many people find it easier to play free slots online directly from their tablets or smartphones. Today there are basically two ways to play free casino slots on your mobile device. Firstly, players can use their mobile browser and access the online casinos mobile website. Once logged onto the mobile website, you can simply click on the instant play button and start playing slots for free straight away. Alternatively you can download the mobile casino app for your tablet or smartphone. The best mobile casinos offer mobile apps for all Apple, Android, Windows and blackberry mobile devices. Once the mobile app has been installed on your device, you can login and start playing any number of slots games for free for as long as you like.

Double Happiness

Double Happiness Slot Game

Double Happiness is a slot game created by Aristocrat Game. It is based around a theme of Chinese celebration, and draws heavily from the country’s rich culture for inspiration. This means symbol designs that show fireworks, paper fans, and other well known iconic items. The result of this wonderful visual design is a slot game that is a joy to behold, and few will be able to play the game and not feel a little brighter, simply for being in such a festive atmosphere.

The audio of the sound may not be as well realised as the visuals, but the game can still be commended for putting such effort into the graphics. In terms of game play Double Happiness uses a standard five reel, twenty five betting line system, giving the player the option to raise or lower betting lines as they prefer. This results in a strategic play system that encourages interaction from the player, and is something that veteran slot game players will certainly appreciate. Double Happiness is available now on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Symbol Values And Payouts

The already mentioned Chinese themed symbols are easily recognisable, even on smaller mobile phone screens. This means that the player is never confused about what is going on, and this is certainly a feather in the cap of the developers.

The most valuable symbol shows a dancing man with a paper fan, an enormous smile upon his face. If matching with himself the maximum of five times the resulting payout is a big one, which might explain why the man is smiling so brightly. The second most valuable symbol in Double Happiness is the purple drum, which pays moderately less then the dancing man, but will still be a welcome sight on the reels. Next on the list are the fireworks, followed by the paper lantern and symbols.

The lower value symbols are the traditional playing cad numbers, including nine, ten, jack, queen and king. As always, these are the least valuable symbols, with a high frequency on the reels, but a low payout amount.


Bonus Symbols And Specials

The lucky dragon is a commonly reoccurring theme in Chinese culture, and he appears again here in the Double Happiness slot game at online slots Australia. The dragon is, of course, considered to be lucky, and one cant argue that logic when they see the dragon is a roaming wild symbol. A roaming wild means that the dragon symbol will appear at random on the reels, and will substitute for all other symbols, except the scatter symbol.

A winning sequence may consist of, for example, two aces and a dragon, which will grant a three aces payout. The second bonus symbol in Double Happiness is the Chinese writing on a red background, which is the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol, upon matching, will grant ten, fifteen, or twenty five free spins, depending on the value of the sequence. Upon being granted free spins will play out automatically, with all wins paying out three times more then usual.

Mini Blackjack

About Mini Online Casino Games

Mini games are smaller and shorter versions or adaptations of casino games. Mini casino games were made accessible not only so that the more casual player could enjoy high stakes table games but also as time fillers. Online sports betting sites, online slots Australia and poker rooms offer many mini casino games to occupy the players. Mini Blackjack has been one of the most popular mini casino games in both land based and online casinos.

Mini Blackjack by Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment have a host of different mini casino games including a Mini Blackjack game. The rules of Mini Blackjack are generally standard across the board but many of the leading software developers produce their own versions with unique twists.

Net Entertainment’s version of the mini game follows the standard rules but the game has been simplified and made smaller. The green felt is familiar but only the hole cards of both the dealer and the player are shown on the screen.

The main function buttons have been simplified and scaled down to fit the smaller game. The smaller screen allows the game to be easily displayed on all types and sizes of screens where it can also be played alongside other games on a screen and the table size automatically adjusts to the size of the web browser.

How to Play Mini Blackjack

The Mini Blackjack game from Net Entertainment has special game features where options like sound effects and sped of play can be adjusted.

The aim of the Mini Blackjack game is the same as the standard version where a hand with a total value of twenty one or as close to twenty one as possible is required. To beat the dealer a hand with a higher value than his is required as long as it is below the value of twenty one or twenty one on the dot.

The game is not played against other players and with the mini version being small and convenient to play at a slower pace, it is an ideal option. All of the numbered playing cards are worth their face value while the royal cards have a value of ten and the ace can count as an eleven or a one.

The Net Entertainment Blackjack Rules

All blackjack games including Mini Blackjack are played with standard rules but various online casinos will offer different betting levels. The standard rules for blackjack that Net Entertainment adhere to include the fact that all games are played with four different standard card decks which exclude the joker cards but Mini Blackjack is played with only a single deck. The cards are shuffled before every round to offer fair gaming.

Net Entertainment’s blackjack is considered a hole game because one of the dealer’s playing cards is dealt face up. The dealer must always stand on a soft seventeen. Doubling down is allowed on any two cards which can also be done after a split. Re splitting is however not allowed. After splitting ace cards only one card is dealt and any ace and ten value card is not considered a blackjack and splitting cards double up the initial bet.

French Roulette Pro Series

French Roulette Pro from NetEnt

Roulette, meaning Little Wheel in French, was first played in that country’s aristocratic houses during the mid-1500s. The game spread from there to the rest of Europe, and then to the rest of the world. It became less exclusive, though still very sophisticated and refined, and was eventually played in land-based casinos across the world.

When online casinos burst onto the scene in the 1990s, Roulette games were developed for this arena as well. The French Roulette Pro Series games, from the respected NetEnt studio, are very popular today. Before players check them out for themselves, they can read a little bit about them here.

Roulette Basics

In Roulette, the Little Wheel that gives the game its name is spun, and a ball is dropped onto it. The Wheel is divided into numbered panels, and players need to place bets on where the ball will land when the reel comes to rest. The panels numbered 1 to 36 are alternately coloured red and black, and there is an extra panel numbered 0 that is coloured green.

In certain versions of the game there is an additional green panel numbered 00, but in the French Roulette Pro Series game and other French versions there is only 1. Players can put money down on the ball landing on a red or black panel, an odd or even number, with a specified range of numbers or, if they are feeling very lucky, on 1 particular number. As the wagers get more specific the odds increase, but so do the potential payouts.

Pro Series Developments

The principles of online Roulette, French and online casino Ireland, are similar to the offline games, and special software has been developed to bring the game to life on desktop or mobile devices. These have improved dramatically over time, and now respected casino software platform NetEnt has developed a range of Pro Series entertainments, including the French Roulette Pro Series game. The aim with this series was to deliver table games with superb graphics and functionality, and their own range of exclusive Special Features.

The French Roulette Pro Series game also introduces special new bets, which go further to set it apart. Built-in algorithms track the possible outcomes of each spin and these are used to display Hot and Cold Numbers, or those that are seen frequently and rarely. Players are given the opportunity to cover these numbers with an active chip. Players can also check on the stats for all the usual bets, as they are clearly displayed, which helps with spotting patterns and then making strategic decisions. With NetEnt’s French Roulette Pro Series game players get graphics and simulations that recreate the feeling of playing a land-based game, as well as strategic analyses and betting options to improve their strategy and winnings. For many, this is the best of both worlds.

One of the unique aspects of the French Roulette Pro Series game, compared to other online versions, is that the game has been designed with an isometric viewpoint. This allows players easy access to the Wheel and the Board at all times, and means they are even more immersed in the game. A Quick Spin feature allows the Wheel to be spun more quickly, which is great for today’s busy online players.

House Edge-What is it?

House Edge-What is it?

In every single casino game, whether it be Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, online Keno NZ or Baccarat there will be something that’s referred to as the House Edge. The house edge is the built-in advantage that the casino has over the player and is also referred to as margin, vig, vigorish or juice.

The higher the house edge the more of a challenge the game will be, as a player has less of a chance of success. Games with a lower house edge are therefor very popular with new players or those looking for an easy win. Many players will tell you that no matter what, the house always wins, but when playing online there are plenty of opportunities to win big and beat the house.

How the House Edge Works

The house edge is often listed as a percentage amount and gives a player an indication as to the amount the casino would expect to retain from every hand or spin played. When broken down there are essentially 2 ways the house edge works.

  1. In a game such as blackjack or baccarat the dealer, who in this case represents the house, will win all bets from losing players. Even if the dealers own hand is a bust they will still retain the losing players bets, as they are the bank. A player will only win if their hand beats the dealer and this will see the dealer surrender the initial stake and payout winnings as prescribed by the game’s payable.
  1. In games such as Roulette, the house edge is attained, as the casino will pay slightly under the true odds for a bet. For example the true odds for any single roulette number bet to win are 36:1, but winning bets could be paid out at 35:1 in order for the casino to profit from the bet.

The house edge can vary depending on the game played and may fluctuate depending on the bet amounts. Playing conditions can also influence the house edge and a casino should always be transparent about the cut that they take.

Games with a Low House Edge

Video poker is one of the most popular online casino games as it has an incredibly low house edge. Of course, different variants of the game see the house edge fluctuate, but overall its one of the games that remains the most popular with those looking for the best winning opportunities. Similarly, European and French Roulette also have a favourable house edge of 2.70, but the American game, with its extra zero numbered slot on the wheel is more of a challenge with a 5.26% edge.

Blackjack is a favourite of experienced players looking to win big as the application of strategy can greatly reduce the house edge. Skillful play and the right card combinations can see the house edge plummet, making winning big a reality on every successful hand.

An Accepted Norm

The house edge has become an accepted norm worldwide and players understand that in order for a casino to operate they need to have some sort of system that sees them benefit. A decent, reputable online casino will always clearly display their games house edge and make sure that a player knows exactly what payouts are available per game. This transparency is encouraged and it ensures that players don’t feel like they have been cheated or suddenly are winning less than they expected.

Betting on NFL

The NFL Explained

The National Football League is the highest level of professional American football. The league represents teams from across the United States of America who take part in the NFL championship on an annual basis.

The season begins towards the end of the year with Super Bowl grand finale taking place early the following year. The National Football League was first formed in 1920 and has gone from strength to strength to become a multi-billion dollar enterprise. With American football being the most popular sport in America, the television broadcasting and betting on NFL have some of the highest rates of viewers and bettors alike.

Betting on the National Football League

The National Football League season leading up to the Super Bowl is a time when plenty of American football fans bet on the sporting event in some form or another. Betting on NFL can be amongst friends, take place in Las Vegas or legal sports betting venues but the most popular form of betting on NFL is through an online sports book portal. It is estimated that two hundred million people bet on the National Football League season.

Betting Options for the NFL

There may be varying rules to betting on NFL for each specific online sports book so knowing the particulars is vital. An example of the different rules is that some online sports books allow bets to be place right up until a game takes place while others may require bets to be placed well in advance. The National Football League is known to offer the most options of betting types for any sport. Some of these include spread bets, money line bets, quarter and first half lines, half time lines, parlays or teasers, totals or over/under, futures bets and props bets. Spread bets are a popular form of betting and are based on the point spreads per team. The money line bet is placed on the team that is the favourite to win. The quarter, first half and halftime bets are placed on who will be the first team to win at those times within the game.

Betting on the totals or over/under is choosing whether the total points accumulated in a game will be more or less than a pre-determined number. Futures bets are placed on any game or event which will occur in the future. Parlays are combinations of bets and props can be anything from which team will score first to who will reach the end zone first.

How to Bet on the NFL Online

Betting on NFL using an online portal such as mobile betting SA is the easiest most convenient option. This allows bets to be placed while at home, in the office or on the go using any online mobile device. The most important thing to factor into when choosing to bet online is ensuring the chosen online sports book is a licenced and regulated site with a safe and secure reputation. Once a reputable online sports book has been found registering an account is the next step. Basic information is needed to do so and this can be done within moments.

Once an account is registered an initial deposit must be made that can be used to place the desired bets. All reputable online sports books offer generous welcome bonuses and promotions of varying values and types. These can be claimed immediately upon registration.