Royal Troon Golf Club

The 2016 British Open

The Royal Troon Golf Club, Ayrshire, Scotland, is known to be one of the best links courses in the world, and will be home to the British Open in 2016, on July 14-17. The course design at the Royal Troon Golf Club, Ayrshire, Scotland, was completed and took its current shape back in 1888.

The course has been designed in the well known out and back format, which has become synonymous with this type of course, and is one of the reasons why it is hosting the British Open in 2016. This style is very similar to the old and well known course at St Andrews. This specific golf course is known for its fairly easy or gentle holes to start off, as well as some similar holes to finish the round. However, the middle holes weave in and out to create a striking golf landscape that gives this course its reputation as one of the top links courses.

Royal Troon Golf Club, Ayrshire, Scotland, Links

The direction and strength of the wind can have a huge impact on players of the Royal Troon Golf Club, Ayrshire, Scotland. Because the course is so wide open, the wind can result in playing conditions that are very tricky to deal with. Players of the 2016 British Open can certainly look forward to an interesting four rounds, each of which might be quite different, and provide a different challenge. The way the Royal Troon Golf Club, Ayrshire, Scotland, has been created means that if the wind is against the golf player on the back 9 holes, this can result in the final holes being extremely tough. It will certainly be a treat for golf players and spectators alike.

Previous Winners at Royal Troon

The British Open event has been played at the Royal Troon Golf Club, Ayrshire, Scotland a total number of eight times. The British Open was first played here in 1923. Subsequent years include 1950, 1962, 1973, 1982, 1989, and 1997. The last time the Open was played at Royal Troon Golf Club, Ayrshire, Scotland was in 2004, and it is now coming back in 2016. In 2004, Todd Hamilton of the USA won the 133rd Open golf tournament. Ernie Els had been in a play off for the second time in three years, but was beaten right at the end by Todd Hamilton. At the time, Hamilton was ranked 56th in the world, at the age of 38 years.

During the final moments of the golf playoff at the British Open, Hamilton was just stronger than Els. Both of the players were able to par the first two holes in the play off. Ernie Els made a bogey on the 17th hole, and then set up a birdie opportunity on the 18th. Els missed this putt, while Hamilton hit an amazing chip and run shot, to come within two feet of the hole. Because Hamilton was able to hold this final putt, he was crowned the victor of this prestigious golfing tournament that has become famous all around the world, and is watched by millions of fans who had placed golf bets in all corners of the globe.